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In 2017, the IRGO board validated the emergence of a new research theme: Corporate Social (or Societal) Responsibility (CSR). Our research unit is very aware of its footing in the socio-economic field. It thus aims to integrate its work into contemporary debate on the actions to be implemented in companies in order to comply with the principles of sustainable development. In this regard, CSR addresses overall performance, by adding social and environmental concerns to the economic aspect. It is therefore an eminently transversal theme, which is explored by all the teams of our laboratory. IRGO’s CSR research is organized under five sub-topics:

1. CSR and failure

Examples: Error tolerance, inclusion of people distanced from the working world, support in the event of failure

2. CSR and performance

Examples: The link between CSR and performance, ESG performance indicators

3. CSR and value(s)

Examples: Green finance, the carbon market, ethics, social entrepreneurship, BM and value-sharing, organics.

4. CSR and impression

Examples: CSR and employer brand, social and environmental disclosure.

5. CSR and SME

Examples: CSR and family-run businesses. A skills directory has been put together to provide an overview of CSR research within IRGO. It is designed to foster collaboration with public and/or private partners.