The aim of IRGO is to federate these six research teams (Accounting & Audit, Entrepreneurship, Family Businesses, Banking & Financial Management, Marketing and Human Resources) around three transversal topic areas: Wine, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Digital Science. The objective of these themes is to raise the profile of the laboratory as an academic research unit (EA) in Management Sciences as well as for all public or private regional players in the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region.

In 2019 IRGO had around 130 lecturer-researchers and researchers: 50 from Bordeaux University, 50 PhD students and 30 associate researchers.

The heads of IRGO’s teams are as follows:

Team 1: Accounting & Audit: F. POURTIER, Director

Team 2: Entrepreneurship: T. VERSTRAETE, Director

Team 3: Family Businesses: G. HIRIGOYEN, Director

Team 4: Banking & Financial Management: J. FOUILLOUX-THOMASSET, Director

Team 5: Marketing: J.P. GALAN, Director

Team 6: Human Resources L. BENRAISS-NOAILLES, Director.

The heads of IRGO’s topic areas are as follows:

Topic 1: Wine: J.F. TRINQUECOSTE, head

Topic 2: CSR: J. CUSIN, head

Topic 3: Digital Science: N. GARDES, head.

IRGO is a member research unit of the ECOr Department (Policy Evaluation – Behavior – Organization). ECOr is a grouping of research units in human and social sciences, which brings together, to date, four laboratories:

    IRGO (Management Sciences)

    LABPSY (Psychology Sciences)

    LACES (Educational Sciences)

    LAREFI (Economic Sciences)