Jessica Fouilloux-Thomasset

Head of the Banking & Financial Management team

The Banking & Financial Management team conducts work linked to two main topics:

  • Financing practices: events in recent years have demonstrated the fragility of financial systems and the need for closer analysis of funding mechanisms and stakeholder practices. In this perspective, the Banking & Financial Management team examines the role of various funding bodies (banks, insurances companies, micro-funding institutions, investment funds, stock markets and crowd-funding platforms, etc.) and the various products and mechanisms (shares, bank debt, bond debt, securitization and leverage buy-out, etc.) in the funding of the economy, in addition to means ensuring the security and stability of the financial system.
  • Issues of governance, steering and regulation: work in this area focuses on deficiencies relative to risk management and more precisely operational risks for banking institutions, in addition to the role of information systems in bank organization.

The Banking & Financial Management team brings together researchers from Bordeaux University and KEDGE Business School, the result of the merger between BEM (Bordeaux School of Management) and Euromed.

Professor : 
Joanne Hamet
Corynne Jaffeux

Lecturer HDR :
Pedro Arbulu
Julien Batac
Nathalie Gardes

Lecturer :
François Cocula
Corinne Gourmel-Rouger
Benoît Jamet
Vincent Maymo
Sylvie Michel

Associate researcher HDR : 
Hubert Tchakoute Tchuigoua
Frantz Maurer

Associate researcher :   

Petko Atanasov
Armand Bajard
Ali Dardour
Christophe Faugère

PhD student :

thesis director Frantz Maurer :   

thesis director Joanne HAMET : 
Salma ELKAOUKABI (Julien BATAC co-directeur)

thesis director Pascal BARNETO :
Annaoui Illias