Le professeur Duhan interviendra dans le cadre d’une des réunions de l’Equipe de Recherche en marketing de l’IRGO.

Il développera les 2 sujets suivants :

1.       The research on consumption situations and wine packaging.

This research tested a theory proposing that differences in consumer expertise regarding wine and characteristics of wines themselves influence consumer perceptions of wine packaging in hospitality consumption situations.  Three empirical studies (total sample size = 356) tested the propositions. Consumers with varying levels of wine knowledge were presented with experimental vignettes showing videos of wine opening and pouring and were asked to pair wines with hospitality situations.  These studies provide practical insights regarding packaging characteristics that are favored by different groups of consumers in different consumption situations.

2.       United data project, origins, types of data and brief description of some of the projects.

Le lieu de cette conférence n’est pas encore déterminé.